Jasmine Connor in Hairspray Jr. 2015

Jasmine Connor in Hairspray Jr. 2015

VACT was founded in 1992 by Dee Baldock with the goal of providing affordable opportunities for children and adults to engage and enhance their passions in all facets of theater. Since then, the organization has grown to provide a strong sense of community and many memorable experiences. 

People of all abilities and skill levels, ranging in age from 5 to 75 years old, have found a home at VACT. Everyone is welcome to participate and finances are never a barrier. The cost to participate in a VACT production is never more than $20 per person, including costumes. Participants receive approximately 50 hours of high-quality instruction and performance time. 

VACT performs the majority of their shows in the Verona Area High School Performing Arts Center. Productions are complete with professional quality sets, costumes, sound and lighting. 

VACT now offers ten full length productions a season. At least seven of the productions feature children. Paid attendance has grown from a total of 290 patrons in 1992 to over 8,600 in 2014.

As the organization continues to grow, our number one priority will always remain the same: to have fun!


No other activity that we’ve been a part of in our 8 years in the Madison area has even come close to providing the kind of entertainment, friendship, and community that we get from being a part of VACT.
— Scott Zillmer
Our children have learned that it is okay to take risks and fail, that they need to work hard to increase their chances of success, the importance of volunteering their time and the joy of working as a team to be part of a process much bigger than themselves.
— Tonya Benz
There are the obvious skills that you gain from being part of theater: confidence, poise and communication skills. But we have discovered so much more. Our kids have learned to build community with a diverse group of children, and they have learned teamwork.
— Jessica Carrier