VACT Child Protection Policy

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Alcohol Policy

From time to time, the VACT facility is used to host social gatherings involving individuals of all ages, including children under the age of 21.   While adults may bring alcoholic beverages into the facility for such gatherings (unless otherwise prohibited by the Board), all adults are expected to act responsibly, to ensure that alcohol is securely maintained during the gathering, and to remove the alcohol when leaving the facility.   Any alcohol stored at the facility by the Board or other members of VACT must be stored in a designated, locked area of the facility.   Alcoholic beverages that are left unsecured following a gathering may be placed in the designated area or otherwise disposed of. 

Weapons Policy

It is the policy of the VACT Board that dangerous weapons, including, but not limited to, firearms, are not allowed on property owned by VACT.  Notices of this policy shall be posted in accordance with state law.