Our new rehearsal facility is located at 103 Lincoln St. in Verona, WI

Our new theater and arts space will allow VACT to offer diverse theater experiences and to expand its current production ability to keep step with the growing and vibrant Verona community.  The new facility will also be available for use by area organizations (see OUR RENTALS below). 

VACT hopes our new facility will make theater and arts more accessible for all in Verona and the surrounding area. 


Steps in Facility Rental Process

Step 1: CLICK HERE to fill out the Facility Rental Application. Someone will be in contact with you. PLEASE NOTE: Building availability is limited, especially between September and May.
Step 2: After approval, submit deposit and signed contract to secure date.
Step 3: Submit required paperwork as necessary - Certificate of Insurance, floor plan diagram, special event permit, and schedule (for rentals with multiple days.
Step 4: Submit final payment.
Step 5: Have a great event!


Our Theater

Our Music Room

Our Dance Studio

Our Conference Room

Our Lobby

Our Sewing Room

Our Tech Hallway

Our Costume Loft

Our Exterior



10/7/17 - Building Footprint

11/1/14 - Building Rendering

6/17/16 - The Official Groundbreaking Ceremony

8/16/16 - The ground has been cleared.

11/7/16 - The Building has officially been delivered.

12/6/16 - The Building has a floor!

12/27/16 - Steel is going up! 

12/29/16 - The Building is taking shape!

1/2/17 - A Beautiful Steel Outline

1/4/17 - The lobby has been added. 

1/6/17 - Construction continues in the cold weather. 

1/13/17 - Walls are going up. 

2/11/17 - Working on the exterior. 

2/24/17 - A Building Meeting

3/1/17 - Floor Trusses Set

3/27/17 - 1848 Building Update

7/7/17 - Landscapers putting the finishing touches on the front lawn.

7/15/17 - Our refurbished sign is up at our new home.



CLICK HERE for a full list of donors (COMING SOON).

Thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who donated to make this dream a reality!

If your business logo is incorrect or you would prefer a different one, please email
Alyssa Dvorak.