WKOW 27 6/15/17:

Verona Press 6/8/17: VACT goes "Under the Sea"

Verona Press 5/25/17: Local productions recognized at 'Tommy Awards'

Verona Press 4/20/17: VACT debuts "West Side Story" April 27

WKOW 27 4/20/17:

Sun Praire Star 4/14/17: Verona Area Community Theater to show 'West Side Story'

Verona Press 4/13/17: VACT presents The Lion King KIDS and Guys and Dolls Jr.

Verona Press 3/30/17: VACT Spring youth shows debut next week

The Dodgeville Chronicle 3/23/17: Three DHS Students participate in VACT Production

NBC 15 1/22/17:

Backstage with Bruno 1/19/17:

Verona Press 1/13/17: VACT debuts "South Pacific" next week


Verona Press 12/3/16: VACT presents "It's A Wonderful Life"

WKOW Wake Up Wisconsin Channel 27 11/29/16:

Verona Press 11/24/16: 'Wonderful Life' gets musical treatment

Verona Press 11/24/16: Photos from A Seussified Christmas Carol

Verona Press 11/17/16: Dickens tale gets 'Seussified' by VACT

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 11/6/16:

The Sky Kid:

The Sky Kid:

News 3 Channel 3000 10/19/16:

WKOW Wake Up Wisconsin Channel 27 10/17/16:

NBC Channel 15 10/16/16:

Verona Press 10/13/16: "Becoming Billy"

Wisconsin State Journal 7/11/16: Construction underway on new Verona Area Community Theater building

Verona Press 6/15/16: VACT's "Mary Poppins" debuts Friday

WKOW Wake Up Wisconsin Channel 27 6/15/16: Mary Poppins flies into Verona

Verona Press 6/14/16: VACT to hold groundbreaking ceremony Friday

Verona Press 6/6/16: Local performance artists earn Tommy Award nominations

NBC Channel 15 4/18/16:

News 3 Channel 3000 4/18/16:


Wisconsin State Journal 12/11/15:

Madison Community Foundation 12/8/15:

Backstage with Bruno 12/4/15:

Verona Press 12/3/2015: Verona prepares for Hometown Holidays Weekend

Verona Press 12/2/2015: Verona Area Community Theater's "Hometown Christmas" opens Thursday

WKOW Wake Up Wisconsin Channel 27 12/1/2015:

NBC Channel 15 11/27/15:

Verona Press 10/13/2015: VACT goes "Forever Plaid" starting Oct. 16 at PAC

Wisconsin State Journal 6/19/15:

Bruno's Best Channel 3 6/19/15:

WKOW Wake Up Wisconsin Channel 27 6/18/15:

News 3 Channel 3000 6/16/2015:

NBC Channel 15 6/15/2015:

Verona Press 5/14/2015: VACT brings new features to annual festival June 4-7

Verona Press 3/10/2015: VACT puts on 'The Drowsy Chaperone'

Verona Press 3/10/2015: Meet ‘The Drowsy Chaperone’

Verona Press 3/5/2015: Tickets available for VACT children’s shows

Verona Press 2/16/2015: North plan passes with no wording change

Verona Press 2/10/2015: Less about buses in North plan tweak

Verona Press 2/8/2015: Seeking room to rehearse

Verona Press 1/30/2015: Epic, VACT on packed Plan agenda

Wake Up Wisconsin 1/19/2015: VACT's 'Singin' in the Rain' on Wake Up Wisconsin

Verona Press 1/12/2015: 'Singin' in the Rain' opens Jan 16.

Verona Press 1/9/2015: Commission give Epic, VACT light scrutiny


Verona Press 12/30/2014: Dramatic Changes for VACT

Verona Press 12/27/2014: Expanding non profits

Verona Press 12/4/2014: 'White Christmas' in Verona

Verona Press 12/1/2014: 'White Christmas' returns to Holidays

Verona Press 12/1/2014: VACT Sound of Music photos

Wisconsin State Journal 11/21/2014: Focus on Dane County: Verona Area Community Theater planning move to new facility

Verona Press 10/20/2014: Council denies damage claims, OKs Taco Bell, sirens, VACT loan

Verona Press 10/7/2014: VACT presents ‘How to Succeed in Business’ Oct. 10-18

Verona Press 10/1/2014: VACT plans 8 shows

Verona Press 9/24/2014: VACT move is change for the better

Verona Press 9/17/2014: VACT relocation is a win-win

Verona Press 9/1/2014: VACT deal set $360K purchase

Verona Press 7/21/2014: Wherever it may go, Alders on board with VACT move 

Verona Press 6/26/2014: VACT Music Man photos

Verona Press 6/18/2014: VACT performs 'The Music Man'

Verona Press 5/9/2014: Fire station plan advances

Verona Press 4/15/2014: VACT teens to present 'Bye Bye Birdie'

Verona Press 4/10/2014: Two shows coming up for VACT


Verona Press 12/3/2013: VACT presents Christmas Pageant Dec. 6-7

Verona Press 10/18/2013: VACT Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Photos

NBC Channel 15 10/13/2013: VACT presents Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Channel 15

Verona Press 10/7/2013: VACT looks beyond Meister

NBC Channel 15 6/22/2013: VACT presents Peter Pan Channel 15

Verona Press 6/17/2013: VACT travels to Neverland with 'Peter Pan' June 21-29

Verona Press 4/9/2013: VACT presents 'Legally Blonde the Musical'

Verona Press 2/22/2013: VACT competing in State Theatre Festival

Verona Press 1/6/2013: Musical comedy "The Producers" takes stage


Verona Press 11/21/2012: VACT kids make holiday show debut

Verona Press 10/12/2012: Get a taste of 'High Society' in Verona

Verona Press 6/17/2012: VACT conjures greatest hits for 20th Anniversary

Verona Press 5/31/2012: Two Verona musicals win 7 'Tommy' Awards

Verona Press 4/11/2012 VACT teens put on a slick version of Grease

Verona Press 1/18/2012: Catch VACT behind the scenes


Verona Press 10/7/2011: VACT makes a musical nightmare

Verona Press 10/2/2011: Gag idea becomes VACTs newest musical

Verona Press 6/13/2011: VACT goes over the rainbow with 'Wizard of Oz' setup

Verona Press 2/15/2011: 'Guys and Dolls' brings film noir style stage


Verona Press 11/30/2010: VACT expects to have a 'White Christmas' this year

Verona Press 6/15/2010: VACT goes back to the beginning

Verona Press 1/16/2010: VACT goes 'Barefoot' next week

Verona Press 1/6/2010: VACT holds auditions for children's, teen productions


Verona Press 10/24/2009: VACT opens its season with a murder mystery musical

Verona Press 6/21/2009: 'Willows' stars Rat, Mole get engaged

Verona Press 6/16/2009: VACT joins Rat, Mole, Toad in 'Willows' Adventure

Verona Press 1/19/2009: VACT travels back to Camelot


Verona Press 10/21/2008: VACT can't stop all its 'Nunsense'

Verona Press 8/3/2008: Dee Baldock

Verona Press 6/17/2008: VACT conjures mythical town of 'Brigadoon'

Verona Press 6/12/2008: Latest show is overkilt for VACT

Verona Press 5/7/2008: VACT puts on remarkable show with "Annie Jr."

Verona Press 4/29/2008: Mini 'Annie' gets big interest

Verona Press 3/5/2008: Villain proposes to sweetheart at the show