Cast List Announcement

Thank you to everyone that auditioned!  We had so much talent but unfortunately, we could not cast everyone.

To those who were not cast in this production:

Please come back and try again. You can also be involved with this production in other ways if you desire. 

You can also check out our upcoming opportunities at VACT. We still have space in our Youth Summer Camps for kids ages 4-14 as well as teen/adult acting, dance, and tech classes. Auditions for our next production, Sister Act, will be in late July/early August and auditions for our Fall Youth Show (title TBD) will be in August. 

To those who were cast in this production:

Monday, April 17 is an ALL CALL at 6:30pm at the VACT Building at 405 Bruce Street. 
Please print, fill out, and bring the following items with you to register:

  1. Payment Voucher - We will be checking out scripts so come prepared to pay: a book deposit - $5 for chorus and $25 for named parts, a donation toward Staff Gifts, and an Optional Show T-shirt for $10.
  2. Costume Form - Please fill out as much of the information as you can/know. 
  3. Cast Member Agreement - Please complete all required signatures (minors need a parent signature). 

After cast member registration, we will begin rehearsing music and dance, so come prepared to work.  Rehearsal goes until 9:00pm.

Tuesday, April 18 is a Specialty Dance night with the following schedule:
6:45pm-8:00pm = Positoovity with Gulls, Ariel, and Scuttle (Everyone except Ariel needs tap shoes)
8:00pm-9:00pm = One Step Closer with Prince Eric, Ariel, and One Step Closer Couples
**Please wear athletic clothing and sensible shoes to dance rehearsal**

Thursday, April 20 is a Blocking night. The following people are called for the following scenes:
Scene 1: World Above/Fathoms Below, p 1-8 = Ariel, Eric, Grimsby, Pilot, Sailors, Flounder, Scuttle
Scene 2: Daughters of Triton/If Only (Triton), p 9-16 = Triton, Windward, Leeward, Sebastian, Mersisters, Ariel, Flounder
Scene 3: Daddy's Little Angel, p 17-21 = Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam
Scene 4: Part of your World, p 22-25 = Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian
Scene 5: The Storm/Part of Your World (Reprise), p 26-30 = Sailors, Pilot, Grimsby, Eric, Ariel, Flounder, Scuttle
Scene 6: She's in Love, p 31-37 = Mersisters, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian

All cast members will receive an invite over the weekend to join our group email list through Wiggio. If you do not receive an invitation to join by Monday night or you would like to add an additional email to the list besides what you put on your audition registration form, please email Alyssa Dvorak to let her know. 

If you are not planning to accept your part, please email me ASAP at

Finally, we present the cast for the Little Mermaid. I can't wait to work with everyone on this awesome show! 

- Alex Rosenbaum (Director)