The new theater and arts space will allow VACT to offer diverse theater experiences and to expand its current production ability to keep step with the growing and vibrant Verona community.  The new facility will also be available for use by area organizations.  VACT hopes the new facility will make theater and arts more accessible for all in Verona and the surrounding area. 


The Dream

A new, multi-purpose rehearsal and performance facility in the heart of Verona that allows Verona Area Community Theater to significantly expand its programming and reach, especially for children.

The Facility

The new facility will be a collaborative space available to other arts and non-arts groups such as the Fire Department, Rhapsody Arts Center, and the Chamber of Commerce. VACT's new home will be located in the heart of Verona just a few steps from the community's most popular gathering places including Hometown USA Park, Veteran's Park, the Little League complex and the Ice Arena. The building will be adjacent to the Military Ridge bike trail and will feature the following amenities:

·   150-seat theater with 30x50’ stage

·   Lobby with concession stand

·   Dedicated dance rehearsal room

·   Dedicated music rehearsal room

·   Ensemble rehearsal room

·   Scene shop & storage

·   Costume shop & storage

·   Administrative office

·   Convenient pick-up/drop-off and ample parking 

The Impact

With significantly larger rehearsal space and a dedicated theater, VACT will be able to extend its reach to nearly 600 kids per year and collaborate with other arts and non-arts groups that need space for their programs, and performances. Benefits of the organization and project extend into four main areas.

Culture – Eight theatrical productions each year, performing and training opportunities for over 600 children and adults

Character – Participants build self-confidence, learn discipline, and experience the success from working as a team

Community – People of all different ages and backgrounds build long lasting friendships across geographic boundaries. Newly relocated professionals attach to an organization and other kindred spirits

Commerce – Nearly 9,000 tickets sold each year resulting in hotel stays, flower and gift sales, food  & beverage sales

The Need

·   $2.1MM in total costs

·   In-kind donations of construction supplies

·   In-kind donations of contractor and building services

·   $1.6MM capital campaign

·   Volunteers for events and fundraising


“No other activity that we’ve been a part of in our 8 years in the Madison area has even come close to providing the kind of entertainment, friendship, and community that we get from being a part of VACT.”
— Scott Zilmer
“Our children have learned that it is okay to take risks and fail, that they need to work hard to increase their chances of success, the importance of volunteering their time and the joy of working as a team to be part of a process much bigger than themselves.”
— Tonya Benz
“There are the obvious skills that you gain from being part of theater: confidence, poise and communication skills. But we have discovered so much more. Our kids have learned to build community with a diverse group of children, and they have learned teamwork.”
— Jessica Carrier