Host a student from Spain for 28 days this summer and raise money for VACT!

Hello everyone!  Please consider the following opportunity and host a student from Spain this Summer. 

There are many benefits for hosting, some of which include:

  • Make lifelong international friendships
  • Learn more about the world from the comfort of your own home
  • Contribute to the importance of international education
  • Global Service Certificate for school portfolios and resumes
  • An excellent opportunity for the whole family to enjoy, learn and spend  quality time together with a new friend.

International Friendship is an organization directed by Krissa Hinzman & Brandi Statz, VACT parents, and their mission is to create positive, enriching and educational experiences for students and families while building lasting international friendships! 

Krissa & Brandi are facilitating a fundraiser for VACT, by having International Friendship donate $100 for every VACT family who hosts one of their students from Spain for the first time this summer.  

Thank you so much for your time and consideration! You can find all of their general contact information below & attached.

Your new friend from Spain would also be able to sign up & pay for any camps that your children will also be participating in while they are with your family.

If you are interested, please contact International Friendship for more information:

Brandi Statz
Lead Host Family Coordinator
International Friendship
Tel: 608 347 4637

Krissa Hinzman, director
International Friendship
USA Tel. +608 212 0590
Spain Tel.  +699 668 700
Facebook: International Friendship & Learning

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