Join a Fundraising Committee!

1. ACT NOW Events Committee: Chair-Alyssa Dvorak (Looking for Volunteers and Ideas)

We are looking for volunteers willing to work events such as Parents Night Outs, Book Fairs, etc. Volunteers must be friendly, good with kids, and confident in speaking with strangers. We also need volunteers willing to help prep events including tasks such as making and distributing flyers, promoting upcoming events, and purchasing supplies. If you are interested in assisting with an event or have an idea for an event please email ACT NOW Event Coordinator Alyssa Dvorak at

2. Show Fundraising: Chair- Lynn Vilker (Looking for Volunteers)

The Chairperson will recruit volunteers from the show, parents of cast members, general membership, and community to assist with fundraising efforts for each show. The chair and volunteers will work with the director/producer for each show to determine the appropriate fundraising events. Ideas could include: Cast challenge (penny war, bowl-a-thin, etc), merchandise sales, Pictures/cast photos, fan mail, flowers, food, beverage, program personal messages, program business advertising, Photo Booth, etc.  Volunteering can be done on a show by show basis. Contact if you are interested in helping with the planning/volunteering.

3. Major Grants: Chair- Joanne Rash (Looking for Volunteers)

This committee will focus on two types of Grants: Capital and Operational. We are looking for people who can help to write these grants and get them submitted. Much of the grant material has already been prepared, and future applications will involve word-smithing, cutting and pasting, and reformatting to fit each individual grant’s requirements. Volunteers will manage application deadlines and responses. Contact Joanne Rash at if you are interested in helping with this committee.

4. Get to Know VACT Dinners: (Looking for Chair and Volunteers)

This committee will focus on a few intimate events in our homes or area businesses where we introduce potential donors to VACT. Some of these may have a “per plate” fee, others will be no charge up front with the hope of a future donation. Volunteers will need to create formal invitations, work with our board and membership to plan who to invite to which event, follow up on invitations, plan event (menu, theme, entertainment, location), recruit people to bring food if needed, solicit sponsors for the event. Contact if you are interested in chairing this committee or helping with the committee or events.

5. Major Event – (Looking for Chair and Volunteers)

This committee will work on planning one large event to take place in spring or winter. This event would be on the scale of a formal event that takes place in Madison (Frostiball, Liliy’s Luau, Gio’s Garden, Red Gala). Volunteers would be needed to secure sponsors, location, entertainment, plan details, publicize, etc. It is possible that this event will take place in our new building depending on timing and could be a “grand opening” type of event. Contact if you are interested in chairing this committee or helping with the committee or events.

6. Community Ask: Chair – Tess O’Brien (Looking for Volunteers or contacts)

This committee is responsible for contacting local businesses for monetary donations. Volunteers are responsible for reaching out personally to the owners of area businesses to explain our building project, share materials, and ask for financial support. Contact Tess O’Brien if you’d like to help or have a contact the team could reach out to. email:

7. crowd funding site: temporary chair – Lynn Vilker (Looking for Chair and Volunteers)

This committee is responsible for the overall look, feel, and management of our crowd funding site and publicizing it to membership. This site is free for non-profits other than our Paypal fees. This offers another way to get the word out through social media to a group of people beyond our local community who may be interested in helping us reach our fundraising goals. Email if you are interested in helping keep our site up to date.