Artistic Policies Committee

The responsibility of the Artistic Policy Committee is to coordinate the review process for any decision which comes before the VACT Board of Directors which affects or changes any artistic policies which have been or have become the guiding force for how we do our productions. This may involve doing some research in how VACT itself has handled issues in the past; it may involve researching how other area community theaters have dealt with similar situations. In all instances, the first goal is to maintain consistency with the Mission Statement adopted by the Board of Directors, and to inform the Board of the committee's recommendations in a particular case. The committee may or may not achieve consensus, in which case all perspectives and their implications may be expressed to the Board so that any vote taken on an issue will be an informed one. In the absence of consensus, decisions by the Board will be by majority vote as always. If it is determined during a particular process that the current Mission Statement is no longer an adequate representation of the intentions of VACT, the Artistic Policies Committee may recommend the Board of Directors consider revisions periodically, perhaps every three to five years.

Fund Raising Committee

The Fund Raising Committee spearheads the annual fund raising campaign. The cmpaign is currently done by sending out a letter to current contributors ("Friends") and advertisers in the Fall so it is timely for the"Fall and Winter Show" Programs. In addition, letters are sent to solicit new pledges for Friends and new advertisements with the emphasis on Friends. The follow-up to the letters will be by phone. The chairperson needs to keep "an accurate" record of contributions and make sure all information appears in all programs. Information to be included in the program needs to be to the program producer no later than one week in advance of the opening of the show. Statements for unpaid balances and a certificate for free tickets will be sent to each contributor as required. A list will be given to the Treasurer of any funds due. Treasurer will communicate past due balances to Chairperson so further statements can be sent. A complete year-end report will be provided to the new Chairperson for the next year.


The Membership Committee will keep an up-to-date mai!ing list on computer for newsletters and provide labels and/or help with mailings periodically throughout the year. Phone calls will be made to verify current member status and information as needed. Moreover, this committee will accumulate the information from the membership form regarding interests and give lists to appropriate committee chairs/volunteer coordinators.

Volunteers/Production Staff

The Duties of the Volunteer/Production Staff Committee are to recruit volunteers to help with the production of shows, will also maintain a list of those members who have previously volunteered and/or have specific experience. The production manager (a/k/a producer) works closely with this committee during the production of shows.

Community Resources/Gigs

The responsibility of the Community Resources Committee chairperson is to attend Community Education Committee meetings and be a liaison to the community as required. They are also the contact person for community gigs and organizes the details of each.

Physical Property

The Physical Property chairperson is responsible for properties retained by VACT for future productions and will:

  1. maintain a list of significant stage pieces retained in storage
  2. maintain a sign-out sheet for both costumes and stage pieces
  3. oversee (either in person or by a designated representative) all withdrawal and returns from storage facility

Production Selection

The Production Selection Committee holds a series of meetings on an annual basis that produces a ballot of performance choices for the general membership to vote. Performance choices are to support, enhance, and further our mission statement. Interested people from the general membership are to be contacted to sit on this committee. With board approval, they will establish procedures leading to the reading of various materials and which will be brought to the general membership for consideration.

Chair responsibilities: 1) arrange meetings, 2) maintain list of volunteers, 3) order scripts for review, 4) Maintain checkout of scripts and return to all resources (publishers, library, etc.)

School Relation. Committee

The School Relations Committee is designed to provide communication between all schools of the Verona Area School District and VACT. The board member heading this committee should be aware of drama activities in the schools and be able to report on these activities to the board as needed.

Should involvement with, or support of, such activities be needed from VACT, it is the duty of this committee to seek approval from the board and provide any organization needed and the necessary involvement and support. This chairperson also conducts the scholarship awards procedures.