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VERONA AREA COMMUNITY THEATER INC General Information and Membership Form Verona Area Community Theater, Inc. (VACT) has the mission to offer the community opportunities to participate in and enjoy all facets of theater. We have traditionally produced four shows a year. The summer show has been a larger musical, the winter show is a smaller musical, drama or a comedy, the fall show is a “project” & can vary in many ways; and spring is the children’s show. Membership in the organization is obtained by paying nominal dues ($5 single or $10 family) and by active participation in a show. After recommendations from the Selection Committee, the shows are chosen by the voting members of the general membership at its annual meeting in September. The governing body of the organization is a twelve member board with four new members being elected each year.

Board Meetings are held monthly and the general membership is invited to attend. Meetings are announced on the website for those who are interested in attending. 

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